Ever felt alone, yet you are surrounded by so many faces?  Does anyone really know and relate with your pain, joys, failures, and story?

Face in the Crowd

Real stories from real people.  No actors, no celebrities-simply faces you see everyday in the midst of crowds.  God cares intimately about each person, and no story goes unheard or is insignificant to Him.  God longs for His children to return home. God can redeem life through the Good News of His Son, Christ Jesus.

What’s your story?  Have you let God become your full joy yet?  What are you waiting for?                                                                       We would love to hear your story and/or pray with you about what  you’re going through.                                                                        Email us at – contact@soundsgoodrecords.com

Face in the Crowd is a campaign of Soundsgood Ministries based off a song on Jerome’s “Second sgm (1)Coming” CD. To learn more about Soundsgood Ministries, visit our website at www.soundsgoodrecords.com  

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