Allen | Blame

ALLEN | Blame from Soundsgood on Vimeo.

Allen grew up getting made fun of for being in a poor family with a home that didn’t have drywall and would instead use sheets as privacy between rooms. He developed a low self esteem and eventually reached depression. He began blaming his parents, people in the community and teachers for the pain in his life and for never standing up for him. In 7th grade, Allen’s only friend who stood up for him and gave him shoes and clothes when his had holes in it, got hit by a train and died while riding a four wheeler. Then in 10th grade his mom left his dad. His idea of love became sex. The anger of being poor, the pain from losing a friend, and the twisted idea of love became the pushing force behind drinking. He would drink in the morning to even himself out from the night before, then again in the evening to even himself out from the afternoon.

It reached a point where God intervened and Allen knew he needed Jesus to forgive him of his sins and fix everything that was broken. Allen gave his life to Christ and began taking responsibility for his life and with God he began to change his circumstances. God blessed him with a wife, two kids, and God restored his parents marriage after 7 years. Allen is now a full time youth pastor on staff at his local church teaching kids how to overcome anything and live a life for God.